PrettyEarth 5.2

Improve your knowledge of geography with this map viewer

PrettyMap is a GIS program for PDAs, currently available for the Palm platform. This mapping software lets you view vector and raster maps and images (such as country boundaries, cities, rivers, buildings, roads, satellite photos, digital elevation models and topographies), search in geographically-referenced data, visualize and analyze spatial information, download current weather reports and forecasts, display weather maps, extend your knowledge by taking an educational quiz, and edit your own simple maps.

Features include:

  • Support for vector maps (points, lines, areas)
  • Support for raster maps (terrain elevation and bathymetry, images, symbolic)
  • Handles multi-attribute data associated with vector map objects
  • Displays maps of various planets
  • Displays current weather maps, detailed weather reports and forecasts (requires Internet connection)
  • All maps are free

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PrettyEarth 5.2

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